Web service header& WS Security Handler


I am searching for help on a problematic I encounter with a provider webservice using WS Security handler.

I would like to include the following Message information headers in the response my web service send:


As These informations are parts of the WSSE norm, I was wondering if it was possible to handle it automatically with the WS Security handler.

If not do I need to create a custom Handler in order to manage it ?

Thanks for your help

Hello jszczurek

You explained in your message that the four (4) elements (i.e., Action, MessageID, To, RelatesTo) are part of the WSSE. I have never observed those elements in the WS-Security specification.

If you are required to include these four elements in the SOAP header, then you can create a custom header handler using service handlers and assign it to your Web Services Descriptor. This feature is available in version 7.2 and greater.

I hope this helps.