How can i set the soapaction http header when i use Mediator SOAPGateway.

You cannot set the SOAPAction header field using the SOAPGateway;
Is there any reason that you need to set this? Does the SOAP target use the SOAPAction header?
If indeed you need to set SOAPAction to a specific value, you can instead use the HTTPGateway to call the SOAP target; you can set any HTTP header in the HTTPGateway using the “xbd.http.request.*” property e.g.:

I would like to add something here. .Net services require the SOAP action header field to be set in the SOAP request to them.Java webservice programs ignore the SOAPAction field hence there are no problems when we execute them through the Mediator.I haven’t been able to find a solution for invoking .Net Service programs. Can anyone help.

AXIS (the SOAP library that Mediator uses) generates a SOAPAction header based on a specification in the WSDL file. Can you post the WSDL to the community?

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I am attaching a WSDL file which gives us this error. This is a document style .Net Web Service WSDL. On another note, the input parameter (SQLStatement) is not passed on to the Web Service operation call.
adasql.wsdl (2.31 KB)

The WSDL does include a <soap:operation soapAction= …/> element, so it should have been sent. Can you post the failing Mediator sequence, and possible a sample of message document.

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