Web Service Consumer, error processing response


Web Methods 8.0.

I have 3rd party web service that I’m trying to create a Web Service Descriptor (consumer) from. I’m able to create it, but when running it, an error is returned from pub.client:soapClient:

“com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0088.9135] A WMDocument Exception was thrown in the server, usually because an XML block was not well-formed”

The 3rd party ws works fine in SoapUI - operations can be invoked and a response is returned.

Not sure why it works in SoapUI but not in Integration Server.

I can see in the HTTP logs that the response shows a content type of
"Content-Type: multipart/related; type=“application/xop+xml”

Could the problem be related to SWA or MTOM in IS?


Did you validate the WSDL? There might not be errors while consuming the WSD but the WSDL might not be valid.


On the surface, because soapUI was able to import your WSDL, it seems like the WSDL may be valid. However, validating the WSDL as Akshith suggested is a good idea.

The WSDL may be well formed without error but the error could exist with the SOAP request and the 3rd party SOAP server. soapUI can be very forgiving during unit testing because it does not validate, by default, the SOAP request or response when you submit the request and receive a response. You can use soapUI to conduct a validation test of your SOAP request and response. Here is how to configure soapUI to validate SOAP requests and response.
1. In soapUI, select Preferences
2. In the left pane, select Editor Settings
3. You should now see check boxes to enable Validate Request.
4. Enable Validate Request
5. Submit SOAP request.

Optionally, in lieu of setting the check box as just described, you can also try the following:
1. Open the desired web service operation to test in the left pane of soapUI.
2. Open Request 1 shown under the operation name.
3. Select the XML SOAP request
4. Select the keys CTRL V to validate SOAP request. A message should display indicating error or Valid Request.


What version of IS you’re using? Do you apply any fix before?
I have seen similar issues in the past and some of them were fixed by the lastest fixes.

Soap UI says both the WSDL, request and response are valid.

One other thing: The service uses HTTP Basic Authentication.

In SoapUP, I set user/password under the Auth tab.

In IS, if I invoke an operation without a user/password, I get an error as expected. The problem is when a user/password are specified - thats when IS throws an exception processing the response

Might this be a problem related to SOAP over HTTP with HTTP Basic Authorization?


Hello Blee

How are you specifying the username/password in IS?
See that attached for configuration of HTTP Basic Authentication.
I hope it’s helpful.
webservice_alias.pdf (14.3 KB)

Blee: Soap over http with basic authentication should not be issue… it works well…
what is the calling system - where the webservices are being hosted? Is it MS .net environment??
There are some known interoperability issues while working with java and .det platforms…

Good point, thank.

I did specify user/password via a Web Service End Point alias. I believe that its working because I can make it fail when I set the password to an incorrect one.

Thanks again.

The 3rd party service is implemented using XFire SOAP Framework.

Agree - SOAP over HTTP with Basic Authentication looks like it should work.

Thanks for your response.

Hello Blee,

At first read I thought the error that you are getting is from the SOAP request. But, my co-worker looked and this and explained that the error message that IS is throwing is from the SOAP response. Take a look at your SOAP response and see if it contains an XML node that IS does not understand. For example, some of the WS-* items may give IS difficulty.

If you are using version 8.0, then try from designer .