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Hi friends,
can u please explain me what is the use of “Web Service Connecter”?

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  1. webservice connector is used to connect webservice.
  2. normally webservice connector created through wsdl file in WM.

can u please explain me briefly how to connect webservice by using webserviceconecter through wsdl?

Hi Suri,

1) Open WM Developer
2) select any folder, right click, select All choices.
3) select webservice connector option
4) select the folder where you want to create webservice connector and click Next
5) select the wsdl file from your local machine.
6) and click Finish.
7) Now webservice connector will be created in the selected folder.

invoking this webservice connector from your flow service you can connect webservice.

Hope this helps.

Hi arulchristhuraj,
i got it.Thank you very much,can u please give more information about WebServiceConnecter (i.e., where it will be used,what is the importance? can u please suggest me).

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As explained earlier, A Web service connector is a flow service that invokes a WebService located on a remote server. Developer uses a WSDL document to automatically generate a Web service connector.

Just be careful, the connector flow service doesn’t cleanup its pipeline usage and leaves stuff in the pipeline that can cause problems:

In 7.1 if your service that uses the connector (to make a web service call i.e. SOAP/http) is called as a web service thru a Web Service Descriptor, if you don’t drop soapResponseData, the caller of your service will never get a response.


Sage advice. Pipeline litter is the bane of IS services!

Good advice.

Can you please advise where and how to drop soapResponseData?

Actually I consider this a bug in soapClient. The problem could be fixed if the generated connector service cleaned up the pipeline, but that would be fixing the symptom, not the problem. The real bug is that pub.client:soapClient should not care about a string on the pipline called soapResponseData when it is called. The very fact that its existance causes soapClient to not return a SOAP response is messed up. So as a work around, add a MAP and drop a string called soapResponseData after calling the connector service. The real fix is coming with a new soapClient service.


True again.

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