Web Service Connector

I’d like your opinion on the following.

When you generate a Web Service Connector from a WSDL in webMethods Developer, it automatically generates logic (ex. BRANCH statements) and optional variables that I do NOT really need in my current integration. Additionally, the variable names it generates for the Input and Output can be a little cryptic (ex. in0, in1, etc.)

What would you say the Best Practice would be for addressing this:

  1. To modify the auto-generated code by removing the extra logic and extra variables and modifying the Input and Output section to contain more meaningful variable names, OR;
  2. To leave the auto-generated code alone and to address the “cryptic variables” problem by creating wrapper services (with more meaningful variable names) for the Web Service Connectors.



You should keep the input/output signatures as it that was created using WSDL since this is expected by the webservice communication.So upon creating with your own wrapper services just invoke the webserviceConnector services in the flow and map the required inputs strings/document literals and test the WS.