Web service connector IS 60 Deserialisation error


I am trying to connect to a web service using a Web Service connector on Web Methods 6.0.1. I am getting the attached error when I try to connect to the service using the connector.

When I tried accessing the same service using a regular Java client with the soap.jar provided by apache, I am getting a valid response from the service. I use the SOAPHttpConnection class. And I do not specify/set any (de)serialisation information in that.

Is there some serialisation information that we need to add to the web service connector for it to understand the input and output datatypes?

I am also attaching the schema for the input and the output message types.

Please check this out and see if you can help me. I would really appreciate it if I can get some resolution within a day. Else I’ll need to write a flow service to connect to the service passing XML over http which does not seem the correct way.


Serialisation Error log
SerialisationError.txt (3.9 k)

Types schema referred in the wsdl
TypeSchema.xml (4.2 k)