I’m investigating the following extended setting of IS is available for IS 9.8 & WebSphereMQ Adapter 6.5.

From the reference below, I suppose this extended setting is only available till
WebSphareMQ Adapter 6.0.

So, are my understanding 1 & 2 are right?

  1. At WebSphareMQ Adapter 6.5, the function of this extended setting is migrated to the
    each field “Action before Disconnecting an in-transaction Conenction” of
    “WebSphere MQ Transactional Connection”
  2. This extended setting has no meaning for IS 9.8.
WebSphereMQ Adapter 6.5 manual http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/adapters_estandards/Adapters/WebSphere/6-5_WebSphere_MQ_Adapter_Install_and_Users_Guide.pdf P76 "Note: If you are using a connection configured using WebSphere MQ Adapter 6.0, the connection refers to the watt property watt.WmMQAdapter.actionBeforeDisconnect. If this watt property is not set, then WebSphere MQ Adapter sets Action before Disconnecting an in-transaction Connection to the default value COMMIT."

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Hi Shogo,

you are right.

The setting will get some meaning when dealing with migrated connections which have been created on WebSphereMQ Adapter 6.0 and were migrated to WebSphereMQ Adapter 6.5 afterwards even on IS 9.8.

For newly created connections on WebSphereMQ Adapter 6.5 this setting is not neccessary.


Dear Holger-san,

Thanks for the answer very much.
I just understand well.

When I have some questions regarding issue, please sincerely let me ask.

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Shogo Tatsuzawa

Hi Shogo,

you are welcome.

Dont hesitate, just ask.
That is what the community is for.