Watch the Elastic ESB demo

If you have 9 minutes to spare, why not watch our YouTube demo of Command Central template-based provisioning in action to implement a truly elastic ESB: automatic scaling of your webMethods ESB landscape based on performance.
Let us know what you think.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Very impressive!

Thanks Jonathan for sharing demo!

Is this setup out of box? Or Do I manually create process model and do underlying service/API invocations? Do you have documentation around its implementation?

Puneet Saxena

What you see in the demo is not all out-of-the-box. It is intended to show how you can use the new capabilities to achieve full automated provisioning. You do need to do the orchestration yourself using BPM, Flow, ant or another tool of your choice.
With more recent versions of Command Central (9.6 and the upcoming 9.7), things become even easier and in the April 2015 release, you won’t have to do any orchestration and will just need to handle the detection and triggering.

For more info - read the following article on the same elastic ESB topic: