Warning: Did not deploy task to the task engine

Getting this error when build/deploying process with a Task:

Warning: Did not deploy task to the task engine: java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: recv failedgenerator.AutoDeployTaskFalse=Auto Deploy Task preference has been turned off. Step ID: “S129” Step Name: “xxx”

Any idea?

Problem resolved when I connected to MWS using “sysadmin” user.

What does logging into MWS with sysadmin have to do with building a process in Designer using your own user?

Hi Don,

deployed processes and deployed tasks reside in different parts of the database (schema):

  • processes are generated/deployed to the process engine (hosted on IS)
  • tasks are generated deployed to the task engine (hosted on MWS)

Therefore, when building processes containing any Human Interaction Steps (associated to tasks) it is required to have access to both parts.


Does this mean that my Designer user does not have sufficient permissions within MWS? If so, what permissions does it need? It already has the Roles ‘My webMethods Administrators’ and ‘Admin Role’.

Hi Don,

you should use different users for “My webMethods Administrators” Role and “Admin Role” Role.
When you logging to the MWS via Browser these roles have different start pages.

Please check your myWebMethods Server definition in Designer in the “Servers” tab as well as the TaskEngine config in MWS and the WmTaskClient config in IS.