Wants to use Jbuilder for developing Java Services

Hi All,

I want to utilize Jbuilder as an external IDE for developing Java Service, can any body tell me how can use Jbuilder as an external IDE for writing Java Service, and what packages needs to be copied in to lib directory of Jbuilder

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I haven't used JBuilder before for external Java service development, but I have used Eclipse for the same task.  The api's that you will need can be found in the <wm6_root_directory>/IntegrationServer/lib directory, they are client.jar and server.jar.  This should provide you access to the Java API's described in the javadoc documentation provided with Integration Server.   
You may want to read the "Building Java Services with Your Own IDE" section of the ISDeveloperGuide.pdf.  You will need to become familiar with the jcode utility described therein.  There is also information in that document on debugging Java services that may be of interest also consider this post:  


It contains information about using an external IDE (or even jdb) to debug a service remotely.