Wait and notify issue

Hello experts,

We’re having an issue with the wait and notify services in the pub.wm.sync folder that I seek your inputs on. We are running multiple services concurrently through thread.doInvokes to reduce total processing time. A wait service that runs in a loop collects the responses from each of the notify services.

This works fine if the notify runs after the wait, but if the notify gets invoked before the wait, the wait is unable to obtain that response. We are on 6.5 sp3, and we have set the watt.server.sync.timeout=60, which I guess makes the response value from notify available to the wait for 60 seconds.

Wanted to know if it is supposed to work this way - if the wait starts after the notify has executed?

Has anyone used this scenario, and if so, is it supposed to work by default, or is there some other setting required to make it work?