Wait and Notify Issues !!!

Hi All,
Currently I am facing an issue where all the requests to the IS is getting stalled. Each of the requests creates a child and waits for its response. While triaging I could see that the count of wait and notify are getting increased and hanging in the server.

  • I checked the first request which got stalled. The Parent has invoked a child process and is waiting for the response with a time limit, say 60 secs. The child process took more than 60 secs to respond. Meanwhile the parent call is timed out and it notified itself with the same key(A) and came out. Once the child process completed its processing, ii tried to notify the parent thread with Key(A). But it will no longer exist since the parent has notified itself. Will pub.sync:notify create any problem if it tries to notify a thread which no longer exists? :confused:

  • Say if the above condition creates any problem, will it impact the other services which are trying to notify their parent threads? Because I could see the count of wait and notify were getting increased after the first stalled transaction, which also resulted in other transactions to stall. :confused:

Please assist me!!!

Let’s back up a second to understand what you’re attempting to do. What is the nature of your integration and why are you spawning threads yourself?