VSS as VCS in Developer (or any VCS that works cleanly)

Has anyone got VSS to work cleanly. I have tried setting this up and it sort of works, but we get alot of ‘user/username.log is missing’-type errors. I know this is a VSS thing, but it sure seems like this is a pretty flakey implementation. Also don’t tell me how bad VSS is, I know :slight_smile:

Does the Subversion VCS sample package work better? I haven’t got it to work yet, as we run IS as a service under Windows, so I suspect I have a permissions issue that I haven’t figured out yet.


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OK I’ll answer my own post. :slight_smile:

The WmSubversion package that I downloaded from the advantage web site appears to have a couple of issues which I have solved and it looks like it is working. So I thought I post here for anyone else who might need Subversion support. This all pertains to IS 7.1.2 and slik-subversion 1.6.2 command line client.

  1. the directions in the readme file that comes with WmSubveron says before adding packages to Subversion to delete generated files like *.bak, *.class, and node.ndf. It is OK to delete the *.bak, but DO NOT delete the *.class and node.ndf files from all of the packages. Nothing will work if you do. Things like wmRoot and wmPublic etc.

  2. The instructions also say to add all of the packages. Do not do that. Just add the packages you want under svn.

  3. Make sure that the packages folder has a .svn directory in it. It should after you add your packages. There is a bug in the Java part of wmSubversion that will try to add everything under the webmethods directory if packages is not under source control. Actually it tries, but because the command line it creates is so large, things eventually fail and you might have to kill IS and Developer. You can fix that by modifying Util.getParentName to not look above the packages folder.

  4. When creating a web service descriptor for consumption of a web service as the WSDL was processed the wmSubversion code was doing a svn add command. Unfortunately it was trying to add more than one module/folder at a time. Evidentally this would cause some overflow from the size of the command line and the wmVCS pkg was not getting a response from the add. When this would happen, the ‘svn add’ command would timeout and the code calling VCS would try again adding the folder and contained files by adding a _1 to the folder name. This would continue until you kill IS etc. In my case it got up to _30 before I figured out what was happening. So the solution to that problem was to modify the code in SubversionClient.jar to only add one item at a time.

That’s all I’ve found so far, but I am still testing


Hi Monty,

It is really a good insight into the issues I might face. Thanks for that. We are looking at using Subversion as VCS in our environment.


I have this working finally, but it is slow. Very chatty interface to Svn, so it takes a long time to do things. It is nice in that it works from within Developer, but it might be faster just to check the package in and out from TortoiseSvn. I think the ultimate solution will be in 8.0.