Visio Stencil for webMethods

Does anyone have the Visio Stencil for webMethods ?? I had it years ago, but, it was lost when my laptop was stolen. Would really appreciate a copy…


better send the request to SAG via a ticket.

Hi David,

Did you find one ? I am also searching for one.


Unfortunately not.

David,Jon…I do have the .VSS file but can’t attach as response to this thread as I get an error:
Files with the extension .vss are not allowed as attachment in the message.
Trying to send it as a .zip

Send me a link (OneDrive, GDrive whatever you prefer ) to upload the Visio template.
It can be converted to LucidChart Shapes as well (which is what am using now.

Piyush Balan
webMethods Visio (822 KB)