Very Urgent : Java Service to unzip the folder recursively

Hello all,
I am new to webMethods. I need help on unzip a folder containing files/subfolders . I am using unZip service but its not working. At the same time I tried to wrote the Java code to unzip. It is unzipping the folder if it contains files. and its showing error if it contains files&subfolders.

Please reply me asap.


You will find a java service in PSUtilities Packages for unzipping files/folders.


Yes,I did the same but there is no use. javaservice in PSUtilities is not working…

Any other ways ?

What’s the error message you get when you try to use PSUtil services?
did you add the path to the PSUtilities configuration file

Can you share the java cod that you are using to unzip the directory.
You can check ZipEntry.getNextEntry() is a directory or not before extracting. To check this , use entry.isDirectory() method. I
f it is not a directory, then extract the file.
Below link has some sample code for unzipping the files within sub folders.