Version Controlling in webMethods


 Can you tell me whether the version controlling is supporting to webMethods or not. If supporting, send me documents on that. 

with regards

IW2005 attendees heard the sad, sad tale of woe from Susan Ganeshan of further delays in rolling out updates to Developer and IS to support source code control (SCC) functionality.

As regular WMUsers members will now, this has been a sore point for me and many other WM customers for several releases now.

While I am disappointed with this new delay, I do believe that WM is committed to getting this right as opposed to just releasing something that gives lip service to SCC.

In the meantime, you might want to look at the Configuration and Release Management products and methodology from CrossVista that attempt to address versioning, release management and deployment.


Hi ramana,

There is a new versioning software on the block called crossvista team. ( It is pretty neat as it integrates with free open source VCS like SubVersion and provides

  1. Version Control
  2. Change Management
  3. Configuration Management
  4. Release Management

all in one pack. Its worth taking a look. Let me know if you need more details on CrossVista.

I thought SVN support on wM 8.0 was the “final” solution they would offer for SCC. Do you mean they will go beyond that? Interesting… do you have further details?

Hi Guys,

CrossVista supports ESB and BPM well.
Just have a look on CAF support, I heard lately they are expanding the support for CAF.

Well but nothing beats the old trusted subversion. I hope webMethods comes up to the speed before loosing it to others in the long list of features still pending with them.


I know this is a webMethods products forum, but I’m curious if anyone else has experience with other vendor’s ESB, BPM, SOA products and how they handle Version Control.

Its been my experience (as of a year ago) that this is area that most products fail at delivering.