Version Control

What is the best adopted methodology for version control of services developed for B2B Integration Server? Should we use a version control tool(like CVS) just the way we use it for version control of our other business components(EJBs, servlets etc.) or can we make any better usage of our Integration Server ‘Package Management’ along with CVS. Any suggestions in this regard would be appreciated.

thank you.

IMO, the Package Management facilities should not be used for version control. They are not granular enough to be useful.

Appendix I: Configuration Management Information of the “webMethods B2B Integrator User’s Guide” contains detailed information about the items contained in the subdirectory of each package and what items need to be placed under source control and which do not.

One strategy is, within the source control system, mimic the directory structure of the Packages. The key is knowing what files need to be checked out when making changes. The appendix mentioned above identifies those.