Version Control / WmSubversion Experience


Tried WmSubversion (a third party package) for subversion integration within the Developer but it caused the following issues:

  1. Developer hangs when a new Java service is created. However the java service is created on file system as “Untitled” and not committed to Subversion.

  2. In Designer, build and deploy causes the Designer to hang if Subversion package is enabled.

Has anyone experienced this behavior? What are your experiences with integrating Subversion into the Developer? btw, Flow services seem to work fine with WmSubversion. Thanks


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That sounds unpleasant. Did you get around it in the end?

I’ve downloaded WmSubversion but I haven’t installed it yet. One thing I’d like to know (and it might be a general question about WmVCS) – does it allow one, from Developer, to specify a branch to check out?

That is, one day check out {repository}/project/trunk/packages/myPackage, another day checkout {repository}/project/branches/myBranch/packages/myPackage.

Tell me if you can’t - it’ll save me a wasted install!



We gave up on it. We didn’t go as far as branching and other stuff because it failed with adding a new Java service to SVN. In this instance, IDE freezes and become unusable. Also, .svn folders in packages directory caused issues with IS as well. Since this package extends from WmCVS, there is not much we can do (e.g., fix) with the source. So, that was our experience with this package.



I can tell you that the current form of WmSubversion is a wasted effort. We customized the services to fix the above stated bugs - flow service creation with Untiled, checking in with mandatory field in SVN (Name, Bug #, Description…)

It took quite a bit of time and resources and we gave up…A very nasty experience - wM should withdraw the WmSubversion from its advantage, and help users save useful time and money !

Refer to this thread version Control in IS

even after you run this patch you still got issues?:

Update for Integration Server 7.1.

tell me plz if u have run this patch


Can’t remember, it was sometime ago. Beside, .svn folders in the packages directory cause problems with IS as well. By nature, xml files (such flow services) are not much use with version control systems apart for simple check-in and check-out operations.


Together with the namespace fix it’s working four us, although the functionality available in Developer is quite simple. For more complex things or files not visible in Devloper (DSP, …) you need to use an addtional svn client.
For Designer we just inserted Subclipse into it which takes care of Processmodels, CAF and java sources. This works nearly out of the box.

How about .svn folders? Did this cause problems with IS?

Yes, .svn folders create problems in deployment.

One solution is to use a separated Build IS and do an svn export an a tag on this one for building. So you have the packages without .svn and are sure that all source code components are tagged.