version 4.0.2 multiprocessor question

I’ve only been exposed to webMethods for a couple of weeks but I’m on a crash course to learn all I can as quickly as possible. Currently I’m simply pampering a development and a test farm full of multi-processor Windows 2000 systems, using the IBM 1.3.0 Java, and B2B server 4.0.2. When I look at the activity on these servers I notice that java.exe only uses a single processor (25% of a quad, 50% of a dual proc machine).

Is this by design? Or perhaps a license restriction that my predecessors failed to inform me of? Any helpful advice you could toss my way would be greatly appreciated.

Since I previously posted this topic, I’ve learned considerably more about java, multiprocessor servers, and how webMethods B2B IS 4.0.2 and it’s services/packages/adapters all work. I realize I need to approach this potential performance issue from a development angle…

I am not a developer by default - I am a hardware/infrastructure/availability/performance/uptime type. That stated, perhaps someone reading this thread is more of a developer and may be able to offer direct me towards some resources I can look into to learn more about designing wM java packages that will make better use of the multiprocessor hardware.

Anyone? Any ideas??