Version 10.5 UM Messaging Trigger is not triggering the Subscribe service

Hi experts.

We are now using UM Version 10.5, and we have a Version 9.12 IS and a Version 10.5 IS.
I create a new DocumentType on these two IS and create Messaging trigger on the Version 9.12 IS, when I publish on Version 10.5 IS,Messaging Trigger is not triggering the Subscribe service.
When I create a new DocumentType on these two IS and create Messaging trigger on the Version 10.5 IS and publish on Version 9.12 IS,Messaging Trigger is also not triggering the Subscribe service.
But when I create the documentType, trigger, and Publish on the same version of IS, the Messaging trigger can trigger the Subscribe service.
Does anyone know why? How can I solve this problem?
Version 10.5 UM does not support data publish between cross-version IS?

We installed the fixes for the UM.

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Hi @Jenny_Lin,

As you see from our cross product interoperability matrix, UM 10.5 is compatible with IS 9.12


So we might need more information here, can you please let me know what fix levels you are on IS 9.12 and what is error you are seeing.


How specifically are the doc types being created? Create on one and import/deploy to the other? Or explicitly manually creating separately on each? Have you done a “Sync Document Type” on either/both?

IS coordinates with UM on the “Provider definition” name.Depending upon how you’re handling the doc type, it is possible that IS is “helping” to avoid a name collision and assigning a different underlying name to the second doc type created. On the property panel for the doc types review the webMethodsMessaging/Provider definition value to confirm they are the same in each IS and that the doc types are sync’d with UM.

Hi Sreekanth,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, we know IS 9.12 can use UM 10.5. After using UM10.5,

we now have a situation where we can publish doc types between 9.12 IS Servers or publish doc types between 10.5 IS Servers.

But the doc type cannot be published between IS 9.12 and IS 10.5.The Messaging Trigger cannot trigger the Subscribe service.

And there are no errors,We were wondering about that as well.

We installed the fixes for the IS 9.12. Please let me know if you need any more information.
IS 9.12 fix

Hi reamon,

Thanks for your reply.

We are creating the doc type separately on each IS and Sync Document Type on both IS manually.The doc types are the same name in both IS.

I have attached the relevant screenshots. Do you have any other ideas about this? Please let me know if you need any other information.

doc type on IS 9.12:
doc type on is 9.12

doc type on IS 10.5:

UM enterprise manager:

webMethods Messaging Trigger Management:

Thanks for the screen shots. It would seem the suspicion about different doc names and queues in UM is not happening.

Another brainstormed thought – what is the “Client Prefix” value for the UM connection in each IS instance? Are the same? If so, the instances are forming a “message cluster” in which only one of the nodes will get any particular event. Which one gets a given event depends on a number of factors.

If the client prefix is not the same, will need to brainstorm about other possibilities.

Hi reamon,

Thank you for your help.

Yes, we used the same “Client Prefix” before.

After seeing your rely,I removed the old UM alias and created the new UM alias using different “Client Prefix” on these IS.

Then I created a new doc type and trigger, but it still didn’t work.

So is there something else going on? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.



Interesting. Seems like time for a support ticket, if you don’t have one already.

Well, we’ll raise a ticket for help. Thank you very much.

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