Verify MWS Fix

Hi WM Forum Members,

I have applied my webMethods MWS fixs to WM 9.7 dev region OS is AIX(unix) and I am sure shot it has applied successfully

MWS Fix Name :-
Monitor UI

  • Monitor MWS 9.7 Fix 6

So how to verify that fix has applied or not to MWS console, Have verified while login to mws console --> About --> Monitor tab and even I have check all other tabs listed there but still I am unable to verify fix has applied or not.

So how to validate or where do i need to cross check?

Check via update manager – View installed fixes. Make sure you provide the Product Directory path correctly.

Hi Rajiv,

please provide some details on the exact fix you wanted to apply.

There are several Fixes which apply to a MyWebmethodsServer instance.

Some are:

  • MWS_9.7_Core_Fix (including TaskEngine)
  • IS_9.7_Portal_Fix (IntegrationServer Admin)
  • MON_9.7_MWS_Fix (Monitor UI, requires a corresponding Fix on IS-side: MON_9.7_Fix)
  • OPT_9.7_Fix (“Optimize for Infrastructure”, “Optimize for Process”, “Central Configuration”)
  • TN_9.7_MWS_Fix (B2B UI, requires a corresponding Fix on IS-side: TNS_9.7_Fix)
  • BR_9.6_Portal_Fix (Messaging UI, when still using Broker 9.6 instead of UM)
  • several SCG_9.7_*-Fixes
  • SIN_9.7_Fix
  • OGI_9.7_Fix
  • WSS_9.7_Fix
  • as well as some Fixes for CommandCentral and PlatformManager (and their plugins in the monitored components)

In your post you mentioned Monitor MWS 9.7 Fix 6, which show under “mws console --> About --> Monitor tab”.

If unsure, please restart MWS after UpdateManager has finished.
Sometimes Fixes for MWS UI Components need an additional restart until the fix is correctly shown in MWS.

Additionally check under MWS/updates as well as under MWS/server/default/deploy, if there is a MON_9.7_MWS_Fix.xml file.

Additionally please share the version string of UpdateManager as well as the complete list of installed Fixes (see Mahesh´s previous post).


Rajiv – I agree with Holger, even Mahesh specified point is also valid. You can check any of the specified way’s.



While installing fix in AIX OS i have used update manager and even provided reqd info such WM directory and image file and after process was completed i can see fix installation was completed successfully.

Fix Name WM Monitor :-

Even after installation I have restarted MWS server twice.

After installation when I checked under “mws console --> About --> Task Engine & My webMethods tab”, still i can see fix was shown as “Installed Fixes: MWS_9.7.0_Fix2” Is this correct location where i need to verify.

++ I have verified at update manager it has shown that fix option is “I” ie installed

++ Update Manager snap shot

  1. [ ] Monitor UI
  2. [I] Monitor MWS 9.7 Fix 6 (Installed)

Hi Rajiv,

in this case this is the wrong Fix.

The mentioned Fix should show under the Monitor Tab.

Did you download the latest Fix for MWS via SUM to your image?

From my knowledge latest Fix for MWS and TaskEngine is MWS_9.7_Fix11.


Hi Rajiv,

just a question:

In one of your posts you mentioned that the MWS_9.7.0_Fix2 is already applied.

In this case, this Fix should be listed in the list of installed fixes in UpdateManager too.
Can you share the complete list of installed fixes from SUM please?

Do you know who has applied the MWS_9.7.0_Fix2 to your MWS installation?

Link to the MWS_9.7.0_Fix11:


++ Update Manager

  1. [ ] All fixes
  2. [ ]   Adapters
  3. [I]     Ariba Supplier On Ramp 7.1 Fix 5 (Installed)
  4. [I]     JDBC Adapter 6.5 Fix 49 (Installed)
  5. [I]     Adapter 9.0 For JDBC Fix 5 (Installed)
  6. [I] Adapter 8.2 Fix 6 (Installed)
  7. [I]     Siebel Adapter 6.0 SP3 Fix 13 (Installed)
  8. [ ]   Common Library
  9. [I]     Broker Java API Common Libraries 9.6.0 Fix1 (Installed)
  10. [I] SCG_9.7_Entrust_Fix1 (Installed)
  11. [ ] Integration Server
  12. [I] IS_9.7_AssetPublisher_Fix1 (Installed)
  13. [I] IS_9.7_Core_Fix3 (Installed)
  14. [I] IS_9.7_Tomcat6_Fix1 (Installed)
  15. [ ] Monitor UI
  16. [I] Monitor MWS 9.7 Fix 6 (Installed)
  17. [ ] My webMethods Server
  18. [I] MWS_9.7_Fix2 (Installed)
  19. [I] Broker Portal 9.6.0 Fix1 (Installed)
  20. [I] Business Console Portal Fix 2 (Installed)
  21. [I] Business Console Runtime Fix 2 (Installed)
  22. [I] IS_9.7_Portal_Fix2 (Installed)
  23. [ ] NERV
  24. [I] NERV 9.7.0 FIX 2 (Installed)
  25. [ ] OSGI
  26. [I] wMFix.OSGI.Migration for Platform (Installed)
  27. [I] Fix for Platform (Installed)
  28. [ ] Platform
  29. [I] SPM 9.7.0 FIX 2 (Installed)
  30. [I] SPM Shared 9.7.0 FIX 2 (Installed)
  31. [ ] SIN
  32. [I] Security INfrastructure 9.7 Fix 1 for SIN (Installed)
  33. [ ] Trading Networks
  34. [I] TNS_9.7_Fix1 (Installed)
  35. [ ] Trading Networks Portal
  36. [I] TN_9.7_MWS_Fix1 (Installed)
  37. [ ] Web Services Stack
  38. [I] WSStack 9.7 SP0 Fix2 (Installed)
  39. [ ] webMethods Monitor
  40. [I] Monitor 9.7 Fix 7 (Installed)

I have simple question.

Let say if i have installed 16) [I] Monitor MWS 9.7 Fix 6 (Installed) via Update Manager so pls tell me where do i need to verify that apply fix is successfully installed other than update manager fix list.

Do we have any other way in admin console to verify fix is applied?

For example
if we apply JDBC adapter fix X then we can navigate to admin console of IS in JDBCAdapter home page and there we can view which jdbc fix is applied recently so same way Is there a way to verify?

Hi Rajiv,

for IS you can try the following:


These should show all applied Fixes to the IS which updated packages.
Fixes for Shared Components are not listed here, these are only available via SUM (View installed Fixes).

For MWS there is the About-Portlet with the tabs per component.
In these tabs the applied fixes per component should be listed, but some fixes do not update the neccessary informations correctly.
Fixes for Shared Components are not listed here, these are only available via SUM (View installed Fixes).