VCS (svn) and ignore a pattern for checkin in repository

We are using the wmSubversion package to check in our packages to our code repository.

One already solved issue was that the lock command tried to lock directories, which is not possible in SVN at all and results therefore into an error. With some tweaking and a simple wrapper script between the SVN executable and the IS we got this to work.

But now I’ve found another issue: As we know, publishing a process creates the packagename_process folders on the IS server. The problem here is that these folders are checked in into SVN automatically (which I don’t like and is slow like… my grandma?.. well, even she is probably faster). I could skip these check-ins (adds, status,…etc) by modifying our wrapper script, but I would prefer that these files will not even be tried to get checked in by IS. To solve my problem I would need a possibility to configure the SVN / VCS package to ignore some folders/files? Maybe even a regex that ignores all .*_process folders?

Is this possible? Or has anyone else a suggestion how to solve this issue?


What I know whenever a package is created in IS through process by an user, it will be auto locked by that user in IS.
This might be the case that you are able to see that package is checked in.

I think you can write one flow service which can checked out the package from VCS/repository.

Please correct me if I am wrong.