VB .NET with Tamino

I use VB.NET to code and my database is Tamino XML Server.
I use OCX object.When program runs to a assign statement,one error message occurs.It shows " Unprocess exception Type ‘InvalidActiveXStateException’ occurs in the axinterop.taminoxlib.dll "
I try to find the taminoxlib.dll,but I don’t find it in the Tamino server.
What is the taminoxlib.dll?And what should I do next?
Thanks a lot!

I think interop.TaminoXLib.dll is generated by Visual Studio.Net when you import the Tamino Active-X tlb file to your project.

Did you initialize the TaminoX object?

If so, can you please post the relevant part of your code.

Also, a .Net api is in development and may be worth waiting for (depending on the urgency of your project).