Variable naming in Web Methods

We are using mainframe adapter and the name of the output value is ‘outRec’, since this is generated code, we don’t want to modify, but the real problem is since this name is same for all the generated Transactions, pipeline is holding reference to only one of this when I try to run my transactions, any Idea on how can this be avoided? or make the pipeline to hold the value until I drop?

I assume you’re invoking a generated service from your own service. In this case, you can map the output of the service to your own variable. Just map outRec to any named variable (of the same type as outRec) and drop outRec. Use unique names for each invocation output and you’ll get what you need.

Hope this makes sense. Would like to use a screen shot to help but…

well that is the problem, we dont have the ‘outRec’ defined as a seperate record, it is generated from the copy book!! wowww what a nitemare…

How do you map things out of outRec? Whatever technique you use there, you can use for any name. So if you define a map step to use outRec.fld1 you could map outRec to fooBar and use fooBar.fld1.

Another idea is to copy the outRec structure that is generated in the service output parm and copy it to a separate record definition. Then your pipeline vars could refer to that. Of course this is nasty if your generated flow gets regenerated often

Ok, here’s the whole cenario, I need to run Transaction 1 which gives me ‘outRec’ with nearly 200 fields, then I need to map these fields to ‘inRec’ of Tran 2 (the field names are different from tran 1), now the tran 2 output is ‘outRec’ with different values, but the pipeline (even at development time in pipeline out section) is still holding the old outRec from tran1.

I think I can create a dummy record structure to hold the outRec temporarily, but the total values inside this outRec are just huge (200!!) and I need to map them from outRec to tempRecord first and then from tempRecord to inRec of tran2 and as you mentioned, there is a chance that this Transaction will be re generated for sure!!