Variable missing after routing to TN

I am having an issue with a variable being turned into an array after calling the route to TN service. In another scenario, I’m routing a file to TN and maintaining a document in my pipeline. When I first route the file to TN everything is OK. On the second route to TN as different document type, the date/timestamp variable in my document disappears from the pipeline. Has anyone else seen this?

SoftwareAG recommended that we now map all variables that need to be maintained in the pipeline after the TN route, to the TNParms document. I expressed to them that we have been using these same services since webMethods 6.5 and have not experienced this issue prior to version 9.6. They indicated that there have been changes to the TN:route service and that they cannot guarantee that pipeline data will be maintained unless it is mapped to TNParms before routing to TN. This change causes us to examine all services where we route data to TN, make the appropriate changes, and perform extensive regression testing…several hundred hours of work.

Has anyone experienced this?


Yes there are lot of changes done on this service and i have faced this issue.
Luckily it was for couple of documents so i have made the changes.

We need to map all the parameters.

If experts have some advice please post.