Variable AID key value

Using webMethods IS4.6, does anybody know if there’s a way to set different values to the AID key from within a flow? To what value do I assign this variable for a PF7 or PF8, for example?

Sounds to me like you’re using webMethods Mainframe. In which case, the answer is “no”. However, you can create a MF transaction for each AID key combination and have the flow service call whichever one is appropriate.

You can also create generic AID key transactions (for example a PF12 to exit) and call those from your flow as well.

If you’re not using Mainframe, I apologize.

webMethods said this is possible by adding an input field _AID (or _EXITAID) to MF transaction and assigning a value to it in the flow. I tried this but it doesn’t work. Any ideas? Thanks Bütsch

LU2 CICS supports the _EXITAID special variable. This is covered in the section titled CICS Notes in the MF Developers Guide (Developer4\doc)

What exactly are you trying to do?

I’m trying to avoid creating too many mainframe transactions. Right now, for the same output display, there may be two or three transactions: 1 for the ENTER key, 1 for PF8, and 1 for PF7. If I can simply assign a value to this variable field, like 8 for PF8 or 7 for PF7, there will only be 1 mainframe transaction. Maintaining the transaction will be easier. A change in a CICS screen will not entail 2 or 3 changes to webMethods mainframe.

What kind of transaction? CICS? IMS?
How are you hitting the transaction? TN3270, LU2, etc?

CICS and TN3270

OK, if all you need to do is hit a different PF key after the transaction runs, create a generric PF key transaction that does nothing else but hit the PF key.

So instead of assigning a PF key to the TN3270 screen transaction, your flow would execute the screen, and then branch on whatever decision point, then call the PF transaction.

I’ll email you a sample if this is not clear.


Please do.