Is it possible to create custom pfkeys for the program area?

Hi again.
I’m afraid I was not crystal clear on the subject, so…

I am in the edit program screen, looking at my code, then I decide to scan for a string. ok.
so I type " SC #ISN-UPD-DB01 " (no quotes)

Then I want to check them all, so I keep trying PF10 for the short of “SC =”

I know that if I type SC =- I can go back one step. I also know that if I change the default + on top screen for - I’ll look in reverse way.

What I want to do is to map like, PF9, to be the short of SC =-

I am a developer and therefore has no access to adabas administration or things like that.

What I tried so far was:
MAINMENU → Development Environment Settings → Function-Key Settings

CLR %%_______
PA1 _________
PA2 _________
PA3 _________
PF1 %R_______
PF2 E________
PF3 C________
PF4 RUN______
PF6 STOW_____ <<<<<<<<<<<<<< CHANGED THIS
PF7 -20______
PF8 +20______
PF9 SCAN =-__ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< AND THIS
PF10 _________

but 1) it does not work at all and 2) when I leave the cics environment and come back, the changes weren’t save, despite the PF5 update…

So… Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,