values in the document not flowing properly


In one of my service i am calling a “invokeService” which invokes the service given as an input with the given input document. I am passing some corelation id and a document into the invoke service, the service is getting invoked and the data is reaching the called service.

But the problem here is the data which reaches the called service is not getting mapped in any place. None of the data is getting mapped. service is run and exited.

There is not problem with the called service bcos when i run it individually its getting executed.

Can you people plssss help me…

Do you see any errors in error/server logs? if data is not passed it should result in null pointer exception.

Hi Gayathri
Make sure the output is being mapped if the service is called as a transformer service.


To know what’s happening we probably need to see the details of the “invokeService” service. Can you post that? And can you post the step that is calling it?

Try running the service step-by step and step into the ‘invokeService’, check the pipeline variables for the mandatory inputs required by ‘invokeService’. Implement try-catch for the ‘invokeService’ and see if you are able to catch any error in the catch block.

Hi Gayathri,

While passing the inputs (corelation id & document) to the invoked service, make sure that the source document structure is identical as the invoke service document. Unless, even if the entire document is being mapped, the values can’t be parsed. In that case, we need to do the field to field mapping from the source document.

More over, no error will be reported from the map unless u have certain validation steps within ur logic.

hope this helps u!!!