value of publish documemt getting in Process Instances Activity Log but not in invoked Services

Hi All,

we have process mode which trigged by the publishable document “docprocessdata” and in turn invoke service “processdatatotarget”.

My requirement is to log the document sale number in value activity log. so we used “pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages” service with message “sales order number %docprocessdata/salenumber%” .

when process instance got trigger we are getting the perfect value in process instance activity log like “sale order number 123456”
but when I checked the service in MWS there we are still seeing “sales order number %docprocessdata/salenumber%” . I am surprised this service is invoked by Process model only they why it’s not reflecting in service activity log.

do you have any idea and have you face this issue.

pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages service belongs to process engine and it will add fields only to diaply in process instance page. If you are looking for MWS → Monitoring → Integration → Services, that will be logged by using similar service called logCustomId which is under WmPublic. The reason why it could display ?? must be due to usage of logCustomId service in some place and not checked the option ‘include pipeline substitution’.


Hi Senthi , Thanks for the reply.

we are using “pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages” service to other interfaces as well ( not having Process model) but they are logging the activity message perfectly in MWS → Monitoring → Integration → Services.

‘include pipeline substitution’ is checked that why same is getting log in process model. but in service its not.

when i have given the complete publisable document path in service like %package.folder.document:publisabledocnname/salenumber% instead of %:publisabledocnname/salenumber% then in process model its not getting log in but in service its . :frowning:

It’s not right to use “pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages” for interfaces that doesn’t have process model. As I said, this belongs to process enginr. Pls use logCustomId to display right info in MWS Service monitoring page.


Hi Senthi,

Can not see logCustomId inside wMpublic but yes its in pub.prt.log:logCustomId . Also its have only 2 input process instance and customID. :frowning:

Sorry. I meant pub.flow:setCustomContextID

Hi Senthi,

Here as well pub.flow:setCustomContextID we have only one inupt “id”
where to give message that need to log.

Pls read the usage notes. This ‘id’ is the one wherein you need to pass a custom value. Invoke this service in patent service.

Hey Senthik ,

read the usage notes and tested as well its use for set the contextID.not for logining