Value Change Listener

I’m a fairly new webMethods developer. I’m trying to find documentation on how to create a value change listener within Designer for a Task UI I’ve created. The documentation that comes with the product just seems to describe the possible attributes of the CAF controls and some sample applications, but I can’t seem to find one implementing a value change listener. Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated.

I’m developing using version 8.0.1 of the webMethods suite.


Designer provides what you need for that. In your view:

  • Right-click in the control where you want to have the Value Change Listener.
  • On the context menu opened, select “Lifecycle” → “Custom Value Change Listener”.

This will create a new method in your view java class with all you need.

Hope this helps,


I am trying to use valuechange listener for In Place Text Input Control as described above and couls create it.
When I change the value the respective method is not called.

Could anyone please suggest me, what else I need to do to call the method.

thanks you in advance…

It’s not a client function, you need a command button to submit the value to server after change.

  1. add view bean property to hold the value. e.g. currentValue
  2. bind view control value to the view bean property
  3. add Async Hidden Command
    set action = [your action implementation]
  4. add Raise on Change Control
    set property = id of the view control
    command = id of the Async Hidden Command