Validation on async table before sending data to flow service


I am having an async table, it has three columns. There are few validations that are to be done before submitting the data to the flow service.

proto | hName | qName -->columns [proto is dropdown, hname is textbox and qName is dropdown]

validation required:
There cannot be duplicate entries of proto, only in case of proto as ABC it can be duplicate.
The hName cannot be blank in case if proto is ABC.
If the proto is ABC then hname cannot be duplicate.

Can you please help me on this. I am trying it using the content provider getResultsProvider().getArray() something like this in the save button action. I am unable to fetch the data from the table to do the validation.

how to achieve this. Thanks

Hi TeKnAs,

For validation are you trying to use client side validation or server side validation.
If you are looking for some client side validation ,you can use below sample code to get total table size.Then loop over the list and get the values for individual rows dropDown and test box values.

var tableModel=CAF.model('#{activePageBean.clientIds["asyncTable1"]}');
var rowModelList=tableModel.list();
//rowModelList will return rows ID of table

Please let us know if you are facing any problem in retrieving individual rows drop down or text box values.

Baharul Islam

Hi Baharul,

Thanks for your reply.

I want the validation to be done in the java service that is in the managed bean for this how can I traverse the table.

Thanks again.

Hi TeKnAs,

To get all rows count in content provider you can use content provider row count.


Baharul Islam