Validation for two Date Inout controls

In our application we have two Date Input controls which are placed in the same Property Line. When validating the values from the first Date Input control, it is working ok (is marked by a red rectagle and the error message is displayed in that rectangle) but when introducing an invalid value in the second Date Input Control the result of the validation is not ok (the field is maked only with a red line in the left and a red line in the right of the field without any error message)

Has someone also encountered this problem?
How can it be solved?

I can confirm the behavior you described. Is it possible to place the date input controls on different property lines?

Additionally, the messages control can also be used to display the validation errors.

Hope this helps.

No, there is no way that we put the two Date Input Controls in two different property lines because we have to make a search in an interval and the two inputs represent an interval and the UI is already established.

What do you mean by putting a Messages control? Because the error message is displayed by the client-side validation of the control.

What i meant was that if you were willing to forgo the client side validation and rely on the server side validation, you could use a messages control and workaround this issue.

If not, you’ll need to file a support incident so we can get an official fix to you.


The solution with the client side validation is used in all our projects so it is not so easy to replace it.

I will post an incident.

Thank you for the reply!