Validating EDI doc with Floating Segments

I would greatly appreciate if some one can tell me how to validate a edi document with a floating segment.
For ex. X12 850 has a segment ‘NTE’ which is a floating segment i.e., it can appear anywhere in the document and should still pass validation. How can this be achieved in the flat file definition?
One way I tried unchecking the Order check box for the ST, but this will result in not checking the order for all the child segments of ST.
Is there any way to specify that one particular child segment is a floating segment?
If not in the schemas could this be achieved through the dictionary?


I don’t believe there is any EDI translator tool that can truly handle floating segment. In most case you would had to have your TP commit on the exact location where they are going to use this floating segment. Then you would modified your structure(template/schema).


Thanks a lot Alan, I had already considered that option and implemented as a short term work-around. The problem is we have over a hundred partners with different message implementations, with the same issue and I am trying for a more generic solution.
But thanks a lot for your response.

The NTE is usually an optional segment so is it possible that you map it in all possible locations and have it’s usage as optional? That way no matter where the NTE is sent you will grab the information and map it. And yes some EDI translators do handle this floating segment just fine (older translators). Some translators are built to recognize that this is a floating segment and respond accordingly.
Good Luck!

In webMethods flatfile schema properties, you have a property called “FloatingRecord”. You can mention the floating record name over there. Schema will take care of floating records.