V601 / Oracle JDBC problems


I’m trying to connect an Oracle DB with WM 6.0.1 using JDBC and I have following prob :

wm.art.metadata:resourceDomainLookupValues [wm-cjdbc32-0003][Oracle JDBC Driver]This driver is locked for use with embedded applications.

IS6.0.1 on NT 2000
Oracle 8.1.7 SP4 (installed on same PC)
Oracle JDBC driver (classes12.zip) is in the system CLASSPATH (and is used by IS, checked in the “about” infos)
Sequelink datadirect connect 5.3 build 3 installed

The adapter itself is enabled with no error, the pb occurs when creating an adapter service in IS (it can’t lookup the tables, telling driver is locked)

Adapter config :
DataSource Class = "oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource "
databaseName=“ORCL” (my DB)
Other Properties=“driverType=thin”

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Looks like you are trying to use the internal oracle jdbc driver that webMethods uses instead of the oracle jdbc driver. Check you server.cnf to make sure you are loading the oracle jdbc driver. ie watt.server.jdbc.driverlist=oracle.jdbc.driver.Oracledriver.

I found. I configured a TN cnx pool using the Oracle driver instead of the DataDirect driver…
So here was the conflict between my adapter conf and the WM conf.
Thanks for your help.

Depending upon the DB URL you provide, webMethods ignores OR considers the DB Driver you specify. For oracle, if you specify
as the DB URL, webMethods will use DataDirect Connect JDBC driver irrespective of what driver YOU specify in the alias and throw the “driver locked for embedded applications” error.
Change the URL AND change the driver for YOUR driver to be picked up. OfCourse, appropriate class file (eg classes12.zip ) should be accessible to webMethods.

[ART.114.205] Adapter Runtime (Metadata): Unable to lookup the resource domain values. [ADA.400.8] setPOConfirmationTxn does not exist.

when i am trying post my data from oracle i am getting the above said error. is some body can help me this regards.



Hi Sreenivas,

please provide some more details about your IS, your JDBC Adapter, your DB and your Connection config.

Otherwise the community might not be able to help you.