Utility to identify deprecated flows or functions during migration

While doing migration from older versions to v8.2.2 of webMethods:

  • How to identify the deprecated flows/functions? Is there a utility which can be used to identify these even before starting the migration?
  • Is the utility part of the installer for new version? Or do I need to get it built?
  • Can I search and modify function/service names after doing a text search from the files/flows?

The idea is to have a list of items/flows/services identified upfront before going for migration. And is there a utility available which can help me identify these? If not, what is the alternative apart of going through documents. Since we do not have proper documentation for our existing services/flows/packages, we want to find out what will not work when we migrate to new version (preferably with a utility)

Please suggest.

There is a migration utility (migrate.sh) for runtime/data migration that comes with downloads from the Installer and folder location would be (/IntegrationServer/bin/migrate/)

There is not deprecated flows/functions related documentation but you will need to look in the Built-In-Services user guide and upgrade check list and upgrade user guides for more information.