Using XML to provide CONNECT parameter

We are working on z/OS using the ACEAPI. In order to address the SQL Gateway, a connection must be established using the CONNECT statement (ACEAPI function SAGQCONN()).

As described in the documentation [“Adabas SQL Gateway Embedded SQL”] the CONNECT statement has a set of parameters (server, user etc.). On our side, these parameters are located in environment specific config files, which are processed during runtime.

We wanted

  • to provide and maintain the connection parameters in a handy way, and
  • to implement a processing logic to read the config file and to pass the values to the SAGQCONN() function.

Based on the above, we designed a xsd to provide the required connect data via a xml document.
A config xml looks like this:

[size=9]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

   <SERVICE ENDPOINT="123.456.123.90:7500"/>

We process the config xml using a SAX parser.

The enclosed zip holds a jpeg showing the xsd structure, the xsd and a sample xml. For validation, we used xml-spy.

Maybe this approach is helpful for others.

Regards, Christian (74.6 KB)