Using Win98 to access tamino on Solaris server

Have a situation where a local University has Tamino installed on Solaris 7 Server.
However all of the classroom client PC’s have Windows 98.

My question is: What is required so that the Win98 clients can use the Interactive Interface and Schema Editor to access Tamino on the Solaris Server?

Can you install the Interactive Interface and Schema Editor as per a normal install?



since Interactive Interface is plain JScript / HTML, you could

a) install the three pages to every machine,
b) put them on the class rooms webserver, so anyone could get them from there.

With Schema Editor things are different:
Keep in mind, it’s Java, so every PC needs JVM and I think it’s JRE 1.3 that’s needed with Tamino 2.3.

There is an option in the setup program when you choose customized (instead of full or typical) that theoretically lets you select Client/X-Tools/Schema Editor as the component to be installed. But I’ve not checked if it works. Give it a try.

If it doesn’t work, take an existing Tamino installation, take a sharp look at the setup of the Schema Editor StartMenu link and copy that setup (all the jars and stuff) to the client machine, then configure a batch file to start javaw with the approbriate classpath and stuff. I hope you don’t have to take this approach!

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Thanks for your help, the Interactive Interface was a straight copy of all the html files.

The schema editor is nothing but a batch file that compiles three jar files, so I copied the batch file from my work PC and modified the path for the three jar files to suit the customer site.

Works perfectly.