Using WebSphere Portal with webMethods Platform

Hi everyone,

In our organization, Portal group standard is based on websphere Portal.
We took webMethods Platform for integration and process management as a futur standard (I hope :p:).

Some Human tasks can be done under My webMethods Server, but for particular business cases, functionnal team tells us if it’s possible to have Human Tasks in the websphere portal (Each user connects to the Portal with SSO mechanism), via portlets for example.

webMethods Platform : 7.1.1 Release

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Hi vlevasseur,

You can help me in authentication using sso?


Hi Joel,

Sure I can help you (if I can ;-)). For the moment we don’t make any interface between wM and webSphere, but we installed SSO in My webmethods server.

Also, we don’t use the user directory in MWS but we manage users in an external database.

Let me know how I can help you.


Hi Vincent,

Ours login page is the page of the mws and the how can implement the sso using this page?

I use a ldap directory service and create a role using this ldap service.
In the NTLM authentication administration i define the name of my domain controller name and in the permissions of my pages i define the scheme NTLM.

The sso not function, i think not all configuration are done.

The version of mws is 7.1

Thanks Vincent

Hi Joel,

In Fact you have several things to do. But let me explain one more thing to know if our context seems to be like your context.

Here, when user connect to MWS, they don’t use the little url : http://123.456.789.963:8585/

But An url like like http://123.456.789.963:8585/

With the first link, they go to the login/password page, and It’s good I think for support/administrative account (special account). If the user clik on the second link they connect in SSO mecanism and open a page with every applications.

To do that we :
1/ configure the NTML page (Like you)
2/ We built the
3/ Then as SysAdmin :
a) Go to “Public Folders”
b) Edit the permissions on the “project folder (where we have”
c) Select “Custom” security permissions and edit it
d) Select “NTLM” Scheme and apply the modification
e) Check the “Apply to descendants” and apply modification
f) You can then check that the modification was made on any descendant resources.

I hope that can help you.
It’s not very easy to describe but it’s working.



I use the url http://machine_name:8585

Yours, the SSO mecanism is do using the NTLM scheme or you implement in this page the sso?

In this days i go to implement that you do and than i tell you if success in SSO:)

Thanks and regards

Hi Vincent,

The ldap querys i know how to implement, my question is if in my new page (, the sso is a that way:

  1. i obtain the user id
  2. using a query ldap i go to search the user id
  3. if the id is exists, i redirect to the application, if does not, id redirect to the login page

This is correct?


Hi All

We are trying to setup single sign on for MWS using NTLM and have done the configurations. We have one user machine where SSO works, i.e., when we hit the url http://mws_server:8585/TargetPage, MWS picks the windows user and authenticates from active directory and everything works great. But we are not able to get it running on any other machine, even with same user

Is there any machine/ie/ff settings that is needed to get SSO working?

Thanks in advance