Using webMethods IS Scheduler for high frequency services

We are planning to use webMethods scheduler for scheduling services which are running “Near Real Time”. e.g. One service needs to run every 30 minutes to look for some rows in a staging table.

Is webMethods Integration Server Scheduler scalable enough to handle this kind of load? Just want to get your opinion and learn from your experience. Have you guys done something similar before?

We are using webMethods IS 4.6.


Hitesh Parashar

We are facing a similar issue, we will be scheduling a service to execute every 5 minutes to read a db2 database. Can anybody give me an idea if we will be having performance issues etc based on your past experience.

thanks for your help


I think you will be OK. We are polling from our staging table every 20 seconds AND polling from Trading Networks every 60 seconds. We have not had any problems with the scalability of the scheduler even with 100’s of documents an hour which can be as large as 4 megs!

Best of luck!