Using webM Broker as JMS Provider

One of our project requires to configure Broker as a JMS provider - this is something abs. new to me. The requirement is to have webLogic clients publishing on and subscribing to the Topics defined on the Broker JMS. I did some reading (BrokerJMS Prog Guide), it is too much to grasp and I am failing to understand all that is required to be done. If someone could guide me through the steps that need to be taken to make this work, Id be extremely grateful. Also, am I correct in my understanding that each webLogic client that needs to publish/subscribe to the Topic on Broker JMS needs to have Broker JMS installed? Does this mean that the clients will need to use Broker JMS API while publishing/subscribing the messages?


I’ve used JMS trigger and processing mode as concurrently …then it is invoking subscriber service multiple times and sending duplicate messages to target…where as in serial processing mode working fine.

If anyone faced this issue,please let me know the solution.