Using web-service on Portlets


I have made a simple consumer web-service descriptor on IS. I have tested it through developer and its working fine. When I try to use it on a portlet in the webMethods designer, it generates the required java classes and the wsdl as well. The wsdl keeps on giving the following error:
“Referenced file contains error (file: C:\webMethods7\Designer\eclipse\plugins\org.wsdl4j_1.4.0.v200606181221\xsd\soapenc.xsd)”

And when I publish the application the following error is shown:
Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{WebServiceDefaultviewView.copyData.parameters._env.uuid}”

Is this a known issue? Am i doing something wrong? Please help me on this issue.


p.s. Im using webMethods 7.1 package