Using Subversion as VCS for webMethods

We’re implementing a VCS using Subversion with webMethods. We’re currently running IS 6.5 SP1 on Solaris and Windows boxes. We’ve chosen to go the route of versioning artefacts at the element instead of the package level. The main reason is that we will have some users working directly on our shared developement IS and others working on a local IS. This way we can at least try and detect conflicts that may arrise. (It’s not exactly elegant I know but there’s politics in play).

Anyway I’ve set up scripts that allow us to work this way but I’m having problems activating packages that have been updated and contain .svn folders. On the Windows boxes it works fine - we can update a package out of SVN, the scripts activate the package through some flow service calls and away you go. However when doing the same on the Solaris machines the package activation seems (whilst the admin console reports all is ok) to fail. The strange thing is the IS actually goes and deletes all the flow.xml files from the file system. Weird!

I was just hoping someone might have had some experience with going down this track before. I know it’s possible to change the directory names used by the SVN client (like _svn for a change) but that requires recompiling the client and it would be neater to leave the client unmodified.

It might be an OS permissions issue. (Just a complete shot in the dark.)

Thanks for the reply Rob but I’ve been down that path. I’ve made sure all the folders / files in the packages folders are owned by the user/group that the IS runs as.

ok, I’ve fixed it. It was a tomcat problem. When the package is placed with a .svn folder in the web folder of the package, tomcat tries to load the package. There is a known issue with tomcat that when this fails it can delete the services in the that package. Fix is detailed at

In typical webMethods fashion, the zip file is not listed on that page. It is at

Can someone please provide inputs/documentation available to check-in a file in SVN and retrieve a file from SVN programmatically via wM?

I could not find proper documentation for this. Below are some services but IS in-built services guide 8.2.2 doesn’t provide any information about it.


8-2-SP1_Storing_Services_in_a_VCS document guides through the SVN set up,
hope this helps.

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