Using Oracle Advanced Queues?

Has anybody interacted with Oracle Advanced Queues for IS? I’m wondering what the best practice is. I’m thinking that I’m going to have write a Java service to do it, but at this time I don’t yet now how I’m going to get a connection from a connection pool.

Anybody ever done this? Any ideas?

Oracle AQ supports JMS. You could use the IS JMS facilities.

I knew that was an option but I haven’t used that adapter before. Does it work well?

I’ve used the JMS Adapter with BrokerJMS and Websphere MQ JMS. Works well for those JMS providers. I have not attempted to use Oracle AQ and have not reviewed the JMS Adapter docs to see if it is supported.


Using an adapter is usually the path to choose instead of writing your own code. Unless you have some very specialized needs that the adapter cannot support, I’d encourage use of the adapter.