Using HTML form vs popup for credentials

I’m looking for an alternate way of having users sign into webMethods like through an HTML form versus the pop-up window. This would allow DSPs, services, etc., able to integrate into portals, single-sign-on and the like much easier. Any ideas on how one would go about this? What services to invoke, APIs to use so that the session information moves from the HTML form to other DSPs, etc,. without requiring the user to sign in again through the pop-up window. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

You can use Form Based authentication by using the web directive which is possible in 6.1 and above. You can find more info about this in the JavaServerPages Guide provided by webMethods. But this only vaidates for jsps. To use dsp,services you will again have to use the pop-up window. This was a behaviour we observed when we tried configuring this at our end. Try this out and let me know if you can possibly take the user credentials and authenticate also for dsps and services.


you can do this by using plain text basic authentication url.

That is, in the login dsp page, when user submits information redirect to

window.location =

Anyway please notice that login.dsp must have anonymous ACL while your_page.dsp must be protected.

Also Microsoft has disable url authentication in the new versions of ie. See [url=“”]Microsoft Support for more info…