Using hooks and workarounds

Hi Team,

I’m working on some scenarios related to JSR specifications which we do not or partially support currently like using JSR-135 (mobile media), or JSR-72 (file connection). Even if we can’t realize these within the framework, as far as I know we could use some workarounds like using hook or implementing that partial functionality in that specific native environment (like in ojb-c for ios) using its API or functionality… Just wondered if anyone internally tried doing this and implemented some example apps using these workarounds.

Hi Emre,

I believe the Mobile Designer install should have a NativeUIPDFDemo sample project that uses hookpoints and native code for iOS and Android. In particulary, you want to look at /wMMobileDesigner/Samples/NativeUIPDFDemo/targets/defaults.xml on line 50 to see where it uses the postcrosscompiler hookpoint to inject the native iOS or Android code. On lines 56 and 62 you will see that it grabs the code from /wMMobileDesigner/Samples/NativeUIPDFDemo/native/{platform} directories, which is where you can find the native code that is used in the demo for handling PDF display. Note also that there is a J2ME PDFViewer stub in the normal source directory which is required/used for the J2ME compilation.