using Data Direct driver to connect to Oracle Internet Directory OID 11

I want to use webMethods IS 8.2 JDBC Pools (driver alias definitions) to connect to Oracle Internet Directory v 11. The JDBC connect string I have been provided looks like this:


OID, as understand it is a transparency layer that provides the DBA more flexibility in admistration and access to the db while increasing the overall reliability and availability

As SoftwareAG has stated that only Data Direct drivers are supported for webMethods, has anyone been successful using the third party Data Direct drivers to connect to OID v 11 ?
If so, how? What does your Data Direct connect string look like?

If not, can JDBC Pools (driver alias definitions) in IS 8.2 be manipulated to use the Oracle thin client driver?


second question…can I apply Oracle 11g thin client driver to Integration Server 8.2 in order to enable connection strings to OID ?

There’s a feature request in brainstorm you could like
Feature Request: 03388