Using Broker to call Natural from a ColdFusion Application

We have a ColdFusion application that we want to use Broker with to call a natural DB from a maintrame.

Anyone out there have a solution?

I have never worked with ColdFusion, but if you can use a COM object from ColdFusion then you can (assuming that COM is properly supported) use the COM solutions of EntireX Communicator (Broker), namely DCOM Wrapper (probably that is what you want, since it enables you to call Natural subprograms) or the Broker ActiveX control which sits on top of the native Broker API.

If ColdFusion has something like a custom extension facility, then this might enable you to create some fancy interface to the Broker.

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs

I have never worked with ColdFusion, but…:

to WEBSERVER. WEBSERVER by adapter (nwwcgi.exe)
(which must run on NAT RPC server
on WEBSERVER)across
EntireX “callnat” next SUBPROGRAM2
(which must run on NATRPC server
on Mainframe).
EntireX must run on Mainframe too.
And “go to DB”…
This is most effective method.
Examples is in NATWEB and NATRPC system’s library.

Or SUBPROGRAM1 (which runing on NAT RPC server on WEBSERVER) across NET-WORKs (on WEBSERVER and Mainframe)itself “go to DB”…

Theoreticaly, in bosom of Software AG exist DCOM component for Mainframe…