Using Broker 6 Java clientapi on AS400

Hi. I have a small Java client that publishes a document to the webMethods Broker (v 6.0.1.) using the webMethods client60.jar. I want to deploy this client on an AS/400.
The section “Application Deployment” in the document “webMethods Broker Java API Client Reference Guide Version 6.0.1” does not mention AS/400 but I’m hoping that the client will work on the AS/400 (provided Java is setup on the AS/400 and we deploy client60.jar along with the app).

Any feedback (or tips) on using the Broker client API on an AS/400 ?



My company is also interested in doing something similar. We would like to launch Integration Server (v4) services via a java program from the AS/400. I’d be surprised if it would work, but java is a wonderful thing…

Thanks in advance for any information you may have.