Using array as control variable

I want to use a control variable to modify attributs of an array in a map on line level.
Therefore I defined an array with format C and assigned it to the ‘CV’ field in the array definition on the map. I can do this on our host system and it works fine. But if I want to stow the same program on SPOD side I get the message below.

[i]Error in automatic parameter VALID-FROM-TO-CV for map.

Error in automatic parameter … for map.
A parameter which is included for a constant input map or write map
without explicit parameter specification is invalid or undefined.
Correct error in program. [/i]

Is this a known problem by SAG?
Can somebody help me to solve it?

We currently use Natural Studio version 6.1.1 Pl14 on MS Windows 2000

Regards Hannes

There shouldn’t be a difference, because the SPOD / NDV Server runs on the “host” as well, and this is where it get’s STOWed, the client (NATURAL Studio) is the “presentation layer” only.

Must be something else, different STEPLIBs on the Host / NDV side, etc. etc.

Hi Wolfgang,
Thank you for your reply.
I’m still thinking that it is a SPOD problem. Because the map editor it self behalfes different on SPOD and HOST. The map editor on SPOD does not accept an array as control variable in the field ‘CV’. If you enter e.g. CONTROL-VAR(*)’ on SPOD the message ‘the CV name is invalid’ pops up when you want to leave the array definition and you are not able to save. This works on the HOST editor. If you leave away ‘i[/i]’ at the end you can save the map on SPOD. But there is an error at STOW on SPOD and HOST because the ‘i[/i]’ is missing.

Maybe you can shortly reconstruct the situation on your system.


I would recommend to open an support request for this issue. It may be a product problem.
With best regards,

In the Natural Studio map editor when you are editing the field attributes there is a selection box beside the CV input called Dim, that is where you can specify that the control variable is an array.

I have had issues where the map field order were sorted differently depending on the enviromnent. If some of the fields start with special characters, the parameter list of the map had those fields on the top on say, the mainframe (EBCDIC), but at the bottom in SPoD because it uses ASCII. In those cases the Programs had to be stowed in the same environment as the map was stowend in, to have the parameter list to the INPUT statement in the corresponding order!

I don’t know if that problem has been solved yet, but maybe you should check the variable names.