Using an output template to display pipeline values

At the end of one service I am creating an XML string(name of the string is xmlvalues). Then I want to get this string as a xml file and hence define an output template with this by just giving %value /xmlvaues% but what i find is that the value of the string is not sustituted in the output template file which is created in the template folder of the particular file please send me a solution for this

Hi, Marshal.

I moved your question to a new thread; hope you don’t mind.

If your value is not substituted, one of two things have happened:

  1. The pipeline variable does not exist at the time the template attempts to reference it The name of the variable in the %value value% does not match the name of any pipeline variable

If %value xmlvaues% exists in the pipeline, you do not need to add the leading “/”, either.

If your example mirrors your question, you made a spelling mistake. The pipeline variable name is “xmlvalues” and the template substitution is for “xmlvaues”.

Good luck.

Also note that the output template will be case-sensitive. Make sure the casing is correct.